Already 150 cities in more than 20 countries have severed sister city relations with Russia


Already 150 cities in more than 20 countries have severed sister city relations with Russia

Already 150 cities in more than 20 countries have severed sister city relations with Russia/Getty Images

Cities around the world are massively breaking sister city relations with Russian settlements. This process has already been launched in more than 20 states.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine noted that more than 150 cities in 20 countries of the world have severed such relations with “brothers” in Russia. Many localities are already working on this.

No “brotherhood” with Russian cities

It is known that the agreements on “twinning” broke cities from such states: Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands.

Dozens more (cities – channel 24) are on the way to this, because the world understands that there can be no friendly , no fraternal relations with Russia,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

Not so long ago, the Union of Baltic Cities also imposed sanctions against Russia. They excluded St. Petersburg and Gatchina from their membership. At the same time, the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa fell into this organization.

The civilized world against Russia

Having unleashed a full-scale war, Russia expected to capture Ukraine in three days and significantly strengthen its position in the world. The invaders made a serious mistake: in the three months since the beginning of the invasion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed 30,000 invaders, and the civilized world is gradually introducing restrictions and sanctions against Russia.

Of course, not everything is easy. Especially the situation with regard to the sixth package of sanctions from the European Union, which was supposed to include the oil embargo, which Hungary is resisting. But the international community is gradually “throwing a noose” on the aggressor.

  • Recently, a tanker with Iranian oil, sailing under the Russian flag, was confiscated in Greece. They tried to get out on the ship by changing the flag, but nothing happened.
  • China banned Russian companies with Boeing and Airbus aircraft from flying in its airspace. In May, local authorities required airlines to update their own files on aircraft, owners, contracts, etc. This is a standard procedure, but the Russians did not pass it.
  • The Russians were required to provide documentary evidence that the imported aircraft of Russian carriers were deregistered abroad. But there was a failure. After the sanctions, the infidels literally stole the foreign planes they had on lease. Therefore, the relevant documents could not be submitted. Accordingly, the Chinese authorities refused to allow Russia to fly on such “birds”.

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