Already heard somewhere: Lavrov promised to protect Russian-speakers in Moldova


You've heard it somewhere before: Lavrov promised to protect Russian speakers in Moldova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov promised to “protect” the Russian-speaking residents of Moldova. However, Lavrov did not explain what he had in mind and from whom he was going to protect them.

Lavrov began talking about the protection of Russian-speakers in Moldova in front of children starting the new school year.

Russia wants to protect the rights of Russian speakers in Moldova

During a speech to Russian children on the occasion of the start of the new academic year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia would do everything that protect the interests of the Russian-speaking population of Moldova. He also drew attention to the existence of Gagauzia as part of Moldova, which allegedly already claims a “special status”.

We will do everything so that the interests of the Russian-speaking population of Moldova and Transnistria do not suffer in any way. Let's also not forget that in addition to Transnistria, Moldova has Gagauzia, which also claims a special status and already has certain elements of this special status,” Lavrov said.

He also started talking nonsense about the fact that Moldovan the authorities are playing “geopolitical games imposed by the West.” Like, the heads of the country should “think about the interests of those people who live side by side.”

Blinken talked with Lavrov

The other day, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken talked with Sergey Lavrov. This was the first conversation between politicians on 24 February. In particular, the parties spoke about the release of Americans who were illegally detained in Russia, and about the resumption of exports of Ukrainian grain.

Blinken also reminded Lavrov of his loud statements regarding “geographical tasks” and the annexation of Ukrainian territories, and once again stressed that the international community would never recognize this.

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