Amazon drivers will have to be filmed in future


Amazon drivers will have to be filmed in the future

Drivers of delivery trucks for the online mail order company Amazon in the USA will in future be filmed at work.

Amazon has “recently started to install a security technology in our fleet, which is based on cameras,” said a spokeswoman for the company on Thursday the AFP news agency. She confirmed reports from the US media. Accordingly, Amazon wants to increase the safety of its drivers.

The “technology” is also based on artificial intelligence and gives real-time warnings to drivers while they are on the road. Studies have shown that this could reduce accidents, according to an internal video that introduces the technology. Amazon confirmed the authenticity of the video reported by the media.

The cameras are therefore equipped with several lenses and film both the road and the driver, but do not record any sound or broadcast “live” – nobody can switch on and listen during the deliveries, Amazon assured in the internal video.

Several organizations fighting for occupational health and safety in the digital age ran storm against this extensive “surveillance”. Fight for the Future demanded that Amazon should “stop this practice immediately”. The US Congress must also initiate an extensive investigation into the monitoring activities of the group.

Amazon is the second largest employer in the US. The company employs more than 800,000 people there. Again and again there is criticism of the working conditions – in Germany too there are repeated strikes and, above all, demands for higher wages and a collective agreement.

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