“Ambulance mobilization assistance”: in the Odessa shopping center they explained why they used an ambulance



Recently, a video has appeared on the net, in Odessa, military registration and enlistment office officers detained a man and took him to a recruitment center. For this, an ambulance was used. Why this happened was later explained in the regional TCC.

So, the TCC noted that the car was transferred in accordance with the established procedure for temporary use by one of the municipal utilities of the city as part of the mobilization of vehicles with the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The ambulance will no longer be used

The TCC has only one car with outward signs of an ambulance. The owner dismantled the medical equipment even before the transfer. So it was planned to use the car in a military institution as a passenger-and-freight bus.

The decision of the head of the institution to use a car of a characteristic type for measures to alert citizens provoked a powerful public outcry, but did not contain violations of the current legislation. In order to avoid such resonances and subsequent provocations, a car with external signs of an ambulance is not used in alerting events, the regional recruitment center emphasized.

They also added that all other pictures and videos that “propaganda and separatist elements in social networks and the media are trying to pass off as fixing the facts of the work of the TCC and the joint venture with a specialized car are unreliable and falsified.” They are aimed at disrupting the mobilization and loosening the mood of society.

The TCC showed an ambulance transferred for use: watch the video

Details of the incident

  • The incident took place in Banny Lane in Odessa. In the recruitment center, they said that the workers approached the man and turned to him about fulfilling his mobilization duty, but he began to insult them and film them.
  • He was taken to the office to clarify the circumstances. There, a summons was issued to the man.
  • Lawyer Dmitry Tkachenko said that the removal of men to the centers of territorial recruitment by force can be qualified as a criminal offense. However, all persons liable for military service must independently come to verify the data. Employees of military registration and enlistment offices do not have the right to ask for documents on the streets, as well as personally issue subpoenas.
  • According to the lawyer, if a person is offered to get into a transport and go to the picking center, then he can refuse this, say that he will appear in accordance with the date specified in the agenda.
  • Tkachenko also noted that the violent actions of the military registration and enlistment office violate article 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and are considered kidnapping. A person affected by this can contact the police.

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