American pilot appreciated the fighting qualities of the MiG-29

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American pilot appreciated the fighting qualities of the MiG-29

Retired US Air Force pilot Guy Raiser praised the MiG-29's fighting qualities. Reported by The National Interest.

In 2001, Raiser took part in tests of Soviet fighters in Poland. He and his colleagues trained Polish pilots who flew the MiG-29 after the republic joined NATO. Raiser managed to fly a Soviet fighter during one of the training flights.

According to the pilot, the plane was very maneuverable when needed, however, “it seemed to require a lot of fuel.” He also noted that the MiG-29 lacks flight range and situational awareness.

In February, The National Interest wrote that although the MiG-29 was the first Soviet fourth-generation light fighter, its many failures in a variety of conflicts have left the aircraft with a “terrible reputation.”

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  • Mig-29 requires a lot of fuel – TRUE
    MiG-29 lacks flight range – TRUE
    Mig-29 lacks situational awareness NOT TRUE
    Mig-29 is flown by pilots with the aptitude and not the ones who rely totally on avionics and computers to perform basic calculations, like 12+14=26

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