American plane shot down in Venezuela

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American plane shot down in Venezuela

The Venezuelan military shot down a small plane with a US registration number. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol announced this on Twitter.

“An aircraft carrying drugs with an American registration number, which illegally crossed the country's airspace in the state of Zulia, has been neutralized,” the minister wrote. He attached photographs of the downed aircraft to the posts, showing the American flag on the surviving part and the burned fragments of the aircraft.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez added that the aircraft was detected by the country's armed forces using the radars of the Air Defense Command.

According to preliminary data, the plane belonged to drug dealers. In Venezuela, since 2013, a law has been in force that allows to shoot down drug traffickers' planes over the country's territory.

In July, it was reported that another American plane was shot down over Venezuela, which was used to transport illegal substances.

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