American scientist calls “delta” strain the last infectious variant of coronavirus

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American scientist calls

President of the American Academy of Preventive Medicine Almaz Sharman considers the “delta” strain of coronavirus to be the latest aggressive option. Writes about this “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to Sharman, the “delta” strain will lose its infectiousness when the number of vaccinated increases. Then the pandemic will subside.

He explained that strains can either be infectious and amenable to vaccines, or elude the action of vaccines, but lose their infectiousness. According to the scientist, this happened with the “alpha” – “beta” – and “gamma” variants of the coronavirus.

And now only the contagious “delta” strain remains, which in the future will also lose its infectiousness. He explained that the “delta” variant has supplanted other strains, as it is more contagious. In turn, the South African “beta” strain is resistant to vaccines, but less contagious.

According to Sharman, new infectious strains of coronavirus may appear in the future, if the population is not continued to vaccinate.

“Vaccines are effective against coronavirus variants. Especially on the “alpha” version of the covid. The “delta” variant has a different way, it escapes vaccines a little, nevertheless, in 70-80% of cases, vaccines demonstrate their effectiveness, “the scientist said.

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