American scientists turned spider webs into music

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American scientists turned spider webs into music

American scientists turned spider webs into music

American arachnologists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wrote music based on the structure of the web. The melodies sound like a harp, according to

PhD Markus Buehler was interested in music and wondered if it was possible to extract melodies from natural materials – for example, from a spider web. Together with his colleagues, the scientist scanned the natural spider web using a laser. They also recorded the vibrations of the web that were generated by the actions of the spiders.

The researchers tried to capture 2D cross-sections, and then resorted to computer algorithms to recreate the 3D web of the web. The scientists assigned different frequencies of sound to the threads of the web, thus creating notes. They were then combined into patterns to turn them into melodies.

“Networks can be a new source of musical inspiration that is very different from the usual human experience,” says Buhler.

Experts have created an instrument that resembles a harp, and even performed the piece from the cobweb in live performances around the world. Now scientists want to learn how to communicate with spiders in their own language of vibrations.

Earlier in the United States, they noticed a spider web as tall as a human being. Experts said that it was created by a orb-web spider. These creatures look intimidating, but they are safe for humans, since they feed mainly on insects.

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