American shot three spas and killed eight people

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American shot three spas and killed eight people

The scene of the incident

The American staged a mass shooting in the vicinity of the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. He shot down Asian massage parlors, killing eight people. Police suspect racially motivated crime, Axios reports.

The police managed to detain the suspect as a result of the chase. The media called the name and age of the detainee: this is 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long. Published surveillance footage confirms that he was present at all three locations. The FBI is involved in the investigation.

Of all the victims, only one was not a woman, of the eight killed, six were of Asian descent, including four from South Korea. Due to concerns about possible motives for racial hatred, the state said it is increasing its police presence in communities in Asia.

The shooting in the massage parlors of Atlanta became known earlier on March 17. Initially, it was not known if the attacks on the salons were related.

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