American who almost died from coronavirus apologized for lack of COVID vaccine

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An American who almost died from a coronavirus apologized for the lack of a COVID vaccine

The man returned to the hospital to apologize to doctors. He added that he had already received two vaccinations for the coronavirus.

In the US state of Washington, a man returned to a hospital in Seattle, where he was treated for COVID-19 for 28 days. to apologize to the doctors for the delayed vaccination.

The Guardian released the story of the American.

It is noted that at the end of August, 54-year-old graphic artist Richard Solise, after infection with coronavirus, had blood clots in his lungs.

For about a month he remained connected to a ventilator and a heart monitor: doctors from the Harborview Medical Center feared that one his blood clots can enter the brain or heart.

Soliz survived and returned to the hospital in October to thank the staff for saving his life and apologize.

“You know, I deeply regret that I did not make the decision to get vaccinated,” the man told Dr. James Town, pulmonologist and director of the intensive care unit.

In response, the doctor assured that “no one blames or condemns “Soliza:” I think everyone is happy that you are ready to share this story and that you feel better. “

The American said that after the first symptoms of the disease appeared, he decided that he” caught “the flu. Subsequently, he developed severe headaches, and soon a high fever and shortness of breath began. The man was hospitalized on August 23.

Soliz explained that he was embarrassed by the controversy in information on vaccines on social networks, in particular the myths about microchips and “suspicious intentions of the government.”

Currently, the American is convinced that the virus exists, and ” makes you so vulnerable that (a virus – Ed.) can actually take a person's life. “

” I know this from experience, since I was not vaccinated, I did not act, I was not sure and I almost lost my life, “the man continued.” It was ignorance, everything seemed confusing and contradictory, and when a person is not fully convinced of something and there is no proper information to determine, perhaps he will do the same as me: will not do anything. “

Solise is now fully vaccinated. After the illness, he left scars in his lungs, due to which he has shortness of breath even after a little physical exertion. The man also has trouble sleeping, he is struggling with blurred memories and thoughts.

According to doctors, he may have improvements in his lungs in six months.

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