American who shot at police at protests was detained

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American who shot at police at protests was detained

Louisville police in the US state of Kentucky detained a man who shot at police during racial justice protests. This was reported by the CNN TV channel.

Two police officers were injured in the shooting – one was hospitalized and in serious condition, while the life of the other was not in danger. A police spokesman said that reinforcements were sent to the area where the shooting began. In addition, the hospital where the victims were placed is guarded by soldiers of the US National Guard.

Protests in Louisville and other cities in the country have reignited after charges were announced in the case of the murdered African American Breonne Taylor. The protesters believe that the court is too lenient with those responsible for her death. Riots, arson and clashes with the police broke out again.

Earlier in September, US President Donald Trump reacted sharply to an attack on a police patrol. During a speech to his supporters, he proposed introducing the death penalty for killing police officers.

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