American woman flew in the toilet for five hours after receiving a positive test for coronavirus

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An American woman flew in the toilet for five hours, having received a positive test for coronavirus

US citizen & # 8212; Michigan school teacher Maris Fotieo voluntarily isolated herself in an airplane toilet for five hours after testing positive for coronavirus during the flight.

She was flying from Chicago to Reykjavik on December 20 when she felt a sore throat. Fotieo did a quick test for coronavirus, which she had with her.

As soon as she saw a positive result, she decided to self-isolate in the toilet for the entire weaving.

& # 8212; There were 150 people on board, and I was most afraid of infecting them, & # 8212; later told Fotieo.

The woman filmed her stay and later posted it on the social network TikTok, where the video received millions of views.

The American also thanked the workers of Icelandic Airlines, who constantly carried food and water, and checked if everything was fine with it.

And in France, they decided to help those who, due to Covid-19, do not smell. Perfumers from Provence came to the rescue – specialists from the city of Grasse produce fragrances for the most famous brands, so they offer patients different powerful scents and try to bring people back to their normal life.

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