American won the lottery twice in two weeks

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American won the lottery twice in two weeks

A resident of the American state of South Carolina in two weeks won the lottery twice in two weeks – with a difference of eleven days. This was reported by the CNN TV channel.

According to him, the American received the first prize of 40 thousand dollars on July 16, and on the 27th won another three million dollars.

“The odds of winning $ 40,000 in the Mega Millions draw are 1 in 931,001, and the odds of winning $ 3 million are roughly 1 in 13 million,” the lottery organizing committee said.

In all cases, the man lacked one number to pick up the jackpot. However, he admitted that he still does not believe that he won twice in two weeks.

Earlier, the Russian won over 36 million rubles in the All or Nothing state lottery. A resident of Krasnodar marked 12 numbers on the ticket in the range from 1 to 24, but did not guess a single one. According to the rules of such a lottery, participants must mark 12 numbers, the super prize is awarded to those who guessed all the drawn 12 numbers or guessed none.

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