Americans stopped considering Russia the main threat and saw it in China

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Americans stopped considering Russia the main threat and saw it in China

The Americans stopped considering Russia the main threat to the United States and saw the danger in China. This is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the survey data of the Ronald Reagan Institute.

The number of Americans who see Russia as the main threat has almost halved since 2018. However, more and more residents of the country see the main danger from the PRC.

“More than a third of Americans (37 percent) consider China the country that poses the greatest threat to the United States, up from 21 percent in 2018 … Over the same period, the number of Americans who consider Russia the greatest threat dropped from 30 percent to 16 percent. “, – the document says.

This opinion was expressed mainly by the Republicans. After China, according to 12 percent of Republicans, in terms of the degree of threat is the DPRK, then Iran (10 percent), and only then Russia (6 percent). Democrats, on the other hand, consider Russia the main threat (28 percent), while China is ranked second most dangerous for Washington (20 percent).

Most of all, Americans are worried about “cyberattacks”, and US citizens have an unfavorable opinion about “the Chinese political system and the Chinese Communist Party.” They are also concerned about human rights abuses in China and want the US to support the “pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.”

Earlier in March, it was reported that a record high number of Americans – 77 percent – declared negative attitudes towards Russia in a Gallup poll. 36 percent of Americans said that they disliked Russia and treated it “very negatively,” while another 41 percent spoke of a “generally negative” attitude. A favorable attitude remained among 22 percent of US residents surveyed.

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