Ammonia leak detected on ISS

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Ammonia leak detected on ISS

An ammonia leak has been detected on the American segment of the International Space Station (ISS). This was reported to RIA Novosti by a representative of the press service of Roscosmos.

According to the source, the leak is insignificant and does not affect the safety of the crew and the Russian segment of the station.

The leakage rate is approximately 700 grams per year. It has already been localized using an American device. According to the interlocutor, a similar leak was discovered and repaired outside the US segment of the ISS in 2017 during the spacewalk of astronauts.

Liquid ammonia circulates outside the ISS, with the help of which heat is removed from the station modules into space. It belongs to moderately toxic chemicals. In high concentrations, it can become poison for humans.

On August 20, an air leak occurred on the ISS. It was noted that she poses no threat to the safety of the crew. NASA confirmed that the leak is within acceptable limits and does not yet threaten the crew.

At the moment, the ISS crew includes Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as NASA astronauts Christopher Cassidy, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken.

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