Among the Russian troops in the Kherson region, cases of desertion are not uncommon


Among Russian troops cases of desertion are not uncommon in the Kherson region

Desertions are recorded among Russians/ photo

In Ukraine, the position of the Russians is deteriorating every day. In the units of the enemy in the Kherson region, cases of desertion are not uncommon.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian invaders are trying to improve their tactical situation in the Yuzhnobugsky direction. The Russians want to gain a foothold along the administrative borders of the Kherson region.

At the same time, Russian troops are trying to carry out activities of information and psychological impact on the inhabitants of the Kherson region. They distribute pieces of paper with actually false information about the course of hostilities and the rationale for a “special military operation” in particular.

Note that the heads of Russian units received an order from their military-political command to hold Kherson by all possible means. However, unofficially they were told to prepare to withdraw from the city.

Now the position of the Russians in the Kherson region is extremely precarious – they are demoralized, the civilian population is not going to obey them, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on the way.

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