AMU appeals to Cabinet of Ministers to return opportunity for communities to help each other directly – Klitschko


AMU applied to the Cabinet of Ministers to return the opportunity for communities to help each other directly, – Klitschko< /p>

The Association of Ukrainian Cities appealed to the Government to cancel the norms of the decree, which stopped the transfer of funds for the restoration of affected territories between communities.

The Cabinet of Ministers ordered communities to coordinate their decisions on providing financial assistance to other communities with the Ministry of Finance, the website of the Kyiv City State Administration reports.

“The requirement for mandatory approval by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine of transferring funds between local budgets violates the principles of local self-government independence, reduces the speed of decision-making, stops the restoration and preparation for winter of the communities destroyed by the aggressor,” said the head of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko during a meeting of the Board of the PSA.

Members of the PSA Board drew attention to the fact that during the martial law, the transfer of funds between local budgets provided operational funding for measures to restore critical infrastructure destroyed as a result of Russian aggression, social support for citizens in the liberated territories. With the help of this tool, the societies of the western regions actively help the communities affected by the full-scale invasion of the Russian aggressor.

The heads of the communities stressed that the transfer of funds is also used to finance the preferential transportation of citizens, the provision of medical services to citizens in hospitals, and the elimination of emergency situations on heat supply systems that are serviced by regional utilities, construction, maintenance and maintenance of roads between settlements.

The PSA also notes that the intended use of funds is under the strict control of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine.

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