An ancient city found at the bottom of Lake Lucerne

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An ancient city found at the bottom of Lake Lucerne

An ancient city found at the bottom of Lake Lucerne

Swiss archaeologists have discovered an abandoned Bronze Age settlement at the bottom of Lake Lucerne. It is located near the city of the same name in the central part of the country. The ruins are estimated to be 3,000 years old, according to Heritage Daily.

Lake Lucerne covers 114 square kilometers, its depth in some places reaches 434 meters. Due to natural conditions, as well as human activity, the water level in the lake in the relatively recent past has risen by five meters. It covered many of the archaeological sites that have survived in the region.

The bottom of the lake is covered with a dense layer of sediments, which significantly complicates research. But a few years ago, the sediment began to be excavated for the laying of a pipeline, and a team of underwater archaeologists began to explore the discovered areas.

In March 2020, the excavator lifted numerous wooden piles from the water. Scientists came to the conclusion that they were processed by human hand and, probably, were part of old houses. In addition, a large number of ceramic fragments were raised to the surface.

Scientists sent the artifacts for radiocarbon dating and determined that the settlement dates back to the year 1000 BC. It is the earliest known human settlement in the Lucerne area.

Earlier it was reported that the flooded city was found under the waters of the Black Sea. It also dates back to the Bronze Age.

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