An application with a chat bot – a family psychologist is being developed in Russia

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An application with a chat bot - a family psychologist is being developed in Russia

In Russia, they are working on an application with a chat bot that will ask users questions and, based on their answers, give recommendations on keeping the family together and building relationships. This was reported to RT in the press service of the National Technology Initiative Platform (NTI).

“The development team from Tatarstan will present the service at the Archipelago 2121 intensive, which will be held in Veliky Novgorod this summer. The service should help couples who do not dare or do not have the means to go to a family psychologist, “- explained in the” NTI Platform “.

Currently, as one of the developers of the project, Ruslan Mukhamedyarov, explained, a database of questions and answers for the chat bot is being created together with psychologists. It is planned to start testing it in the summer so that artificial intelligence learns on real user requests.

It is assumed that at first the chatbot will ask users questions by itself in order to compose a questionnaire (how many years have been married, the number of children, etc.), then it will “listen” to the problem and, based on all this information, will give out the most appropriate content: texts with recommendations , books, courses, will offer various tests.

A recommender system for the platform is already under development. The service will be free. According to the developers' plans, by June 2022 the chatbot will conduct at least 1 million dialogues.

In May 2020, the National Parents' Committee (NRC) took the initiative to provide families on the verge of divorce with free psychologist services.

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