An arc of 500 kilometers is the big offensive of the Russians, – Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the situation in the East


An arc of 500 kilometers is the big offensive of the Russians, - Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the situation in the East

The enemy has already shown all his offensive power. The insane desire to capture Bakhmut at such a pace from the invaders may disappear.

Aleksey Getman, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a major in the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military expert, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the Ukrainian side has changed its mind about the need to defend Bakhmut.

The promised offensive of the enemy has begun

Aleksey Getman explained that from Kupyansk, trying to attack Liman and Slavyansk, then to Ugledar, also Avdeevka, Marinka, this is an attempt by the Russians to make a big offensive.

This is an arc of 500 km. This is how they tried to cut through our defenses in the center, that is, it is Bakhmut, in order to then move south to Ugledar and north to Liman, he is convinced.

In his opinion, the enemy sought to make two rings and encircle our grouping.

Bahmut is important

The major of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized that now Bakhmut is a fortress.

This city has become an important and strategic object that must not be given to the enemy and keep the defense there as long as possible, he is convinced.

According to Hetman, if the current events are really the climax, then the Russians will try to take some offensive actions for a little longer.

“Then, if they don’t have the strength or the means to do so, then we can assume that, by and large, their offensive has already stopped,” he said.

According to him, it is not known whether the occupiers will be able to start something new later.

During this time, we should already take our counter-offensive actions on any sector of the front, he added.

The hetman summed up that the enemy would still not leave Bakhmut, but probably would not resort to such assaults on the city.

Russian offensive: the last

  • In early 2023, the Western media predicted a major Russian offensive. However, if they had such plans, they would not have succeeded, Mikhail Samus noted. Russia does not yet have enough reserves and resources to carry out such large-scale operations.
  • The decisive battles are likely to take place in mid-spring and summer. This opinion was suggested by Roman Svitan. According to him, the main offensive actions will be aimed at reaching the Azov coast.
  • The military expert also spoke about the failure of the Russians to attack in the Bakhmut direction towards Slavyansk. They will fall under the powerful flank attacks of the Kramatorsk and Druzhkovskaya groups.

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