An armada of allies is behind Ukraine: what Xi Jinping will try to achieve in a conversation with Zelensky


An armada of allies is behind Ukraine: what Xi Jinping will try to achieve in a conversation with Zelensky

Xi Jinping flew to Moscow on March 20, where he meets with Vladimir Putin. There is information that after negotiations with the head of the Kremlin, he will have a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ivan Stupak, a former SBU officer and expert at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, suggested that Xi Jinping would not speak with the leader of Ukraine in the language of ultimatums. He told Channel 24 about this.

China can play a powerful role

The expert stressed that if Ukraine had not been backed by an armada of allies – 50 countries, the European Union, the United States – China could have asked a point-blank question, they say, “either Ukraine agrees to certain conditions for ending the war, which China will agree with Russia, or there will be no Ukraine” .

In his opinion, the Chinese leader will take into account that Ukraine has great support in the world, the amount of weapons that are now sent to our country.

Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: watch the video

“Most likely, Xi Jinping will try to independently achieve an intermediate result. Namely, to offer something to the President of Ukraine with the expectation that Zelensky will not agree on their entire “peace plan”, but at least some of it. And this will give the head of China good cards in hand and he will be able to play a powerful role in trying to extinguish this war,” Ivan Stupak stressed.

Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: important

  • Igor Eidman, a political scientist and sociologist from Germany, stressed that Chinese President Xi Jinping did not just choose this time to visit Russia. Yes, the announced counter-offensive of Ukraine should begin soon. In his opinion, Xi understands that after losing the war, nothing can save the Putin regime.
  • Military expert Yuri Fedorov noted that Beijing wants to act as a mediator, successfully ending Russia's war against Ukraine. With this desire, Xi Jinping flew to Moscow, this is the main task of the visit. Everything else doesn't really matter.
  • Valery Klochok, head of the Tower Center for Public Analytics, believes that Xi Jinping and Putin will talk about something like not allowing NATO to the borders of Russia and other nonsense. Russia has long been preparing this opinion that they weakened Ukraine, reduced its industrial potential, and did not allow NATO.

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