An “artificial brain” may be engaged in improving the economy in Russia

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In Russia it was proposed to entrust the improvement of the economy to an “artificial brain”. Representatives of Rosatom, Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences have already signed an agreement that implies the implementation of the corresponding AI system.

“The agreement presupposes scientific and technical cooperation between the parties in one of the most promising modern scientific areas, including for solving practical problems of both the nuclear industry and the Russian economy as a whole,” said representatives of Rosatom.

According to the source, neuromorphic systems are based on modeling the basic principles of the functioning of the human brain. These systems are 1000 times more efficient than classical systems, and also have high speed and response time. It is reported that neuromorphic chips will be the heart of the development.

The corresponding agreement provides for the implementation of the Russian neuromorphic artificial intelligence system, which will be able to learn directly on the chip.

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