An attempt to stir up the people in order to continue the war – Yakovenko about the “incident” in the Bryansk region


An attempt to stir up the people in order to continue the war - Yakovenko about the

Russian propagandists are spreading absurd information that allegedly a “Ukrainian DRG” entered the territory of the Bryansk region, took local residents hostage and wounded a child. So the Kremlin wants to stir up the Russians so that they go to war. But nothing will come of it.

This was told to Channel 24 by Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko. During the incident, Russian propagandists constantly changed stories. Either a school bus was fired at, or a wounded girl. Then a wounded boy.

They come up with nonsense to stir up the people

According to Yakovenko, all these “terrible stories” are very similar to the nonsense from propagandists about “a boy in panties”, “Ukrainians' hatred of bullfinches” and the like. Thus, the Kremlin wants to stir up its own citizens so that they are more willing to go to war.

This is an attempt to signal “Get up, the country is huge.” Nothing will come of it. All this hysteria that Putin and the TV is trying to stir up is aimed at trying to stir up the people and make people go to war. He wants to continue this war forever,” Yakovenko said.

For Putin, the continuation of the war is the preservation of his life. Yakovenko believes that there is no chance for an end to the war as long as the regime of the Russian dictator is in power and as long as the entire state is intact.

“As long as this state is whole, there will be no end to the war. Anything is used for this. Now China is getting help. These “boys” and “girls” should try to somehow stir up the Russians so that they develop hatred for the Ukrainians and drive them to front,” Yakovenko noted.

What happened in the Bryansk region

  • Russian propagandists began to say that on March 2, an alleged Ukrainian DRG penetrated the territory of the Bryansk region and took local residents hostage. The governor of this region also spoke about this.
  • The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, in a commentary on Channel 24, explained that what is happening on the territory of Russia is an internal Russian conflict and the continuation of destabilization within Russia, which is waging war against Ukraine.
  • Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, stressed that the incident in Bryansk was a provocation by the Russians. This is how the Kremlin wants to scare people and justify its aggression. However, the partisan movement in Russia is indeed growing.

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