An important prize for Ukrainians revealed the big problems of Russians


Important prize for Ukrainians revealed big problems of Russians

An important prize for Ukrainians revealed big problems of Russians/Getty Images

72- I brigade captured a “Wagnerian” pilot. On June 18, soldiers of the 72nd mechanized brigade from the old Soviet portable anti-aircraft missile system “Igla” shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the RF Armed Forces near Svetlodarsk and captured a Russian air terrorist.

It turned out to be Major Andrei Vladimirovich Fedorchukov of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, who during interrogation admitted that he was a mercenary of the private military company Wagner, and was involved in the murder of Ukrainians for the salary of a mercenary – 205 thousand rubles (about 108 thousand hryvnia – Channel 24) per month.

The mercenary told about the goals

Fedorchukov, during interrogation, testified that the purpose of his attack was the company stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Previously, he made sorties to bombard Ukrainian cities.

Fedorchukov really hopes for an exchange – he understands that he is a mercenary, and he may not be put up for exchange, and he may suffer for his crimes. There is a special account for the “Wagnerites” in Ukraine, their hands are stained with blood, they are specialists in killing civilians.

Interestingly, Russian aviation has big problems with navigation. Fedorchukov had a Garmin navigator with him, and a smartphone with the Pronebo program in order to have more accurate navigation than the on-board navigation aids of the Russian Aerospace Forces. They do not trust their Glonass, everyone would use it American. I wonder how many Garmins are used by the RF Armed Forces and can the Americans track their movements? This would be valuable data.

An important prize for Ukrainians

It is also important that due to the large losses of combat aircraft and helicopters, the RF Armed Forces began to hire pilots, which they no longer have enough.

Of course, a captured Wagner mercenary is an important prize. It is worth showing what terrible consequences Russian air terror leads to.

In the photo, Russian terrorist Fedorchukov is from Vladivostok, here he is in the photo with his family, which he supports, dropping bombs on Ukrainian women and children, destroying our city.

An important prize for Ukrainians revealed the big problems of Russians

Facebook photo by Yury Butusov

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