An independent researcher accurately predicted the earthquake in Turkey: why he was ignored


An independent researcher accurately predicted the earthquake in Turkey: why it was ignored

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Turkey was rocked by several powerful earthquakes on February 6th. As it turned out, an independent researcher warned about this. Unfortunately, his warnings were ignored.

A few days before the earthquakes, they were shared by an independent researcher from the Netherlands, Frank Hougerbits. He noted that powerful tremors should soon occur in this region of Turkey. >Sooner or later, this region (South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon – Channel 24) will have a magnitude 7.5 earthquake,” Hoogerbit wrote on Feb. 3.

And on Feb. 5, he retweeted the publication research institute for seismic activity monitoring. The publication said that“serious seismic activity may occur from February 4 to 6”.

Unfortunately, the forecasts came true. February 6 Turkey and Syriawas rocked by two powerful earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.7.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the earthquake in Central Turkey. As I said earlier, sooner or later it had to happen in this region, like 115 and 526 years, he noted.

According to the expert, critical planetary geometry is observed before earthquakes. She was observed on February 4-5. He compared “planetary geometry” dataover the past few days with indicators almost a century ago. They were observed in California. Then there was a powerful earthquake.

Why it was ignored

Note that Hoogerbits considers himself “a researcher of the Geometric Survey of the Solar System”. According to him, the scientist is engaged in “monitoring the geometry between celestial bodies associated with seismic activity.”

It should also be noted thatHoogerbits does not have a scientific degree.He considers himself an enthusiast, as well as an independent scientist. This is not the first time he makes earthquake forecasts in different regions. True, not all of them came true.

Briefly about earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

  • Note that the first powerful earthquake occurred on the night of February 6 at 04 :17 local time. Seismologists recorded it in the province of Kahramanmarash at a depth of 7 kilometers. After that, 42 aftershocks were recorded. Soon another earthquake rocked the country.
  • According to reports, the number of victims and injured continues to grow. It is now known that 1,651 people died in Turkey, and another 11,119 were injured. In Syria, the total death toll is at least 1,050 people.
  • Note that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced 24 appeals about the lack of communication with the Ukrainians. It is known that they lived in the area that shook the earthquake, spokesman of the department Oleg Nikolenko said.
  • In our material you can find out everything that is known about the earthquakes that shook Turkey and Syria.

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