An infectious disease specialist said the coronavirus could exist in the world from 2013

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An infectious disease specialist said the coronavirus could exist in the world from 2013

Coronavirus can exist in the world since 2013. This was announced on Sunday, August 1, by the head of the infectious disease prevention and control service at the University Hospital of Geneva, the Swiss inventor of the hand sanitizer formula Didier Pitte.

The expert explained that in 2013, about 1,100 kilometers from Wuhan, China, in caves, scientists found a virus that is 96 percent similar to the coronavirus.

– He could infect the people who worked in this cave. It remains unclear that this virus may have been detected by one of the laboratories in Wuhan. Publications and dissertations were made by people who work in these laboratories. But these dissertations have disappeared. In addition, when you work on a new virus, it gets frozen. However, this specimen was not found. It worries, – said Didier Pitte in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The infectious disease specialist emphasized that in order for a viral infection to start a pandemic, it is necessary for the virus to circulate in nature for some time. The expert added that there are other indirect indications that the coronavirus has long existed in the world. One of them is the infection of participants in the Military Olympics in Wuhan in the fall of 2019 with an unusual influenza-like virus.

– Because of this, the infected athletes were unable to take part in the Games, which is unusual for military athletes. The virus has already existed and there is evidence that it was in Europe even before the epidemic was announced, ”Didier Pitte said.

The expert concluded that this situation requires a thorough and detailed investigation, since scientists need to understand how long it takes for the virus to develop to the scale of a global pandemic. In addition, it is necessary to react more effectively in such situations next time.

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