An iron fist for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how Leopard and Abrams tanks will help destroy the invaders



Ukraine will receive armored vehicles from partners Leopard and Abrams tanks allow the formation of heavy modern mechanized formations of units that will liberate the occupied territories.

About this forChannel 24Mikhail Samus, Deputy Director of the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament. He noted that without Western tanks, heavy infantry fighting vehicles, it would be difficult for Ukrainian troops to liberate the territories.

“Of course, the Ukrainian army would have completed the task, but it will be easier with new weapons. It is much easier to destroy the Russian invaders,” Samus noted. Ukraine will receive: watch the video

Challenge for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the expert, if we talk specifically about the range of equipment, then from the point of view of optimization and unification, it would be better to have one type of battle tank. For example, Leopard 2. Samus noted that all other countries could help financially support them.

If we say that Ukraine can get three main type of battle tanks (France spoke about the possibility of transferring Leclerc), then this could be a challenge for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in terms of organizing a technical support system, a repair base, training specialists and crews, technical personnel, and even tactics of use, Samus believes.

He noted that these are tanks of different philosophies. That is, they were created on the basis of each country's approaches to the doctrine of using tanks as a type of weapon.

Samus said that Ukraine may soon have a Leopard tank brigade. This is about 100 pieces of equipment. In addition, as the expert added, an Abrams battalion and, possibly, a Challenger battalion may appear.

“They can be used in different directions. The main thing is to determine the right sectors for them,” said military expert.

Why Ukraine needs Leopard tanks/Channel 24 Infographics

There may be more Leopard tanks

Samus believes that Ukraine may receive more Leopard than has already been announced. He noted that before Germany allowed the transfer of both its tanks and those that are in other countries, Poland was talking about 14 tanks. Finland and Norway spoke about similar assistance. Sweden also made a statement about providing its own tank modifications.

According to the expert, if we take the European coalition, then even without Germany, Ukraine can be provided with a tank brigade. It then talks about our own German brigade, which will be the second.

It can gradually arrive within six months. It would be great to get the first brigade within the first two months, so that we would have an iron fist before spring to carry out our offensive operations. We need tanks now,” Samus emphasized.

The result will be on the battlefield

Relatively Abrams, Samus said that it is not clear how the coordination of supplies. He hopes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to receive 2 Leopard brigades and one Abrams brigades, create a separate system for them and use them in separate areas.

“A lot of people say that Abrams are too complicated and expensive in maintenance, consume a lot of fuel. In fact, this is all true, but the latest Abrams modifications are very reliable. It is not a fact that they will bring more problems to our technicians than Leopard,” said Samus.

He added that each tank will show itself on the battlefield. According to Samus, the United States will limit itself to a battalion of tanks for Ukraine.

“Or if the British give 14 more tanks to their 14 tanks, then there will be another Challenger battalion. Then it will be possible to create an American-British group , which will operate separately from the German part of the tank troops,” the expert said.

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