An unexpected “delicacy”: a man from Russia found a dirty mask with traces of blood in a sausage (video)

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 An unexpected

A man suddenly wants to have breakfast with such a treat” ; dropped & quot ;.

In Russia, a man bought a sausage, and having cut it, he found an unpleasant surprise – there was a dirty medical mask inside.

The man posted a video on the Web, where he shared an unpleasant incident.

He says he wanted to make tea sandwiches and have breakfast with his cat. And when I started to cut the semi-finished product, it got caught on something.

It turned out that there was a medical mask in the sausage. Taking it out, the man saw that the protective agent was dirty and had traces of blood. The video of the unpleasant incident instantly spread across the web.

The man does not even suspect how a dirty mask could get into the sausage, but he did not dare to eat such a “delicacy”.

This is not the first time such incidents have happened. For example, a resident of Zhytomyr found a rat's tail and paws in a sausage. And in the Dnieper, a woman found a fragment of a rotten tooth in ice cream.

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