An unknown aircraft with explosives fell in Kalmykia, – media


An unknown aircraft with explosives fell in Kalmykia - media

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">An aircraft crashed in Kalmykia, probably with loaded ammunition. Previously, it was a drone.

Near the village of Ulan-Kholl in Kalmykia, 136 kilometers from Astrakhan, an unknown aircraft fell and exploded. This was reported to local media by eyewitnesses.

What is known about the incident

The incident occurred on February 1 at about 9 am near the village of Ulan-Khol in the Lagansky district Kalmykia. Behind the television tower near the power line poles, an unknown aircraft fell and exploded.

The remains of an unmanned aerial vehicle were found at the scene. According to unconfirmed information, with ammunition.

There is still no official confirmation or refutation of this information from emergency services and authorities. Who owns the unmanned vehicle and what model it is is unknown. However, the network has a video with an explosion and a photo of the wreckage.

The area around is surrounded. Local residents have been warned of a possible power outage.

The wreckage of an aircraft in Kalmykia:

This has already happened

  • October 10 This has already happened in 2022. Then the aircraft crashed on the border of the Rostov region and Kalmykia. The incident occurred in the Zavetinskiy district, the wreckage of a drone found a farmer's field.
  • And on December 16, wreckage of an unknown aircraft, similar to the wreckage of an X-101 rocket, fell in the Volgograd region. Then a flight of three shells was filmed by an eyewitness. They can hear the work of jet engines.

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