And this is after a massive strike: fireworks were launched again in Kyiv


And this is after a massive strike: fireworks were launched again in Kyiv

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">The Russian military carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine on December 31st. A few hours have passed since the rescuers cleared the rubble in Kyiv, when fireworks were launched in the capital.

Recall that fireworks are prohibited during martial law. But, unfortunately, this did not stop the malicious violators, writes Channel 24 with reference to local telegrams.

Salute launched at Osokorki

A video has been posted on the net, where you can see how fireworks were launched in the capital. The violators decided that they simply cannot live on Osokorki without pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve.

What awaits the violators

This question was answered by the speaker of the National Police Maryana Reva. She noted that law enforcement officers will first study the video materials on which you can see the launch of pyrotechnics. If their veracity is confirmed, then the next stage will begin. We are talking about interviewing potential witnesses, reviewing files from surveillance cameras located nearby. seen and not heard, and you will escape punishment. This will not happen,” she stressed.

Note that during martial lawit is forbidden not only to launch fireworks, but also to sell them. Therefore, unscrupulous sellers will be punished. We are talking about a fine that they will have to pay because of the sale of pyrotechnics.

The invaders attacked Kyiv

  • The Russian military attacked Ukraine with missiles after lunch on December 31. Some of them flew to the Kyiv region. Moreover, this time the targets of the attack were civilians, not critical infrastructure.
  • Unfortunately, there were casualties and casualties. Note that one of the explosions thundered between residential buildings in the Solomensky district. A few more were heard in Pechersky and Goloseevsky.
  • Late in the evening, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, updated the data on the victims and victims. One person is known to have died and 22 others were injured in the attack. 15 of them were hospitalized, 3 of them are in serious condition.
  • Among the injured is a Japanese journalist. He was injured during an attack on a hotel in the Pechersky district of the capital.

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