And we haven’t started yet: the Armed Forces of Ukraine from “Khimars” immediately dismissed 5 colonels of the occupying division


And we haven't even started yet: the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Himarsov immediately defeated 5 colonels of the occupying division

The Armed Forces of Ukraine once again inflicted tangible losses on the invaders with the help of “Khimarsov”/”Word and deed”

Staff officers of the 20th motorized rifle division continue to be buried in Volgograd. Let me remind you that on July 9, the headquarters of the division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was attacked by Himarsami. Judging by the losses, there was nothing left of the headquarters, or, as “Pyryatin” sings: “There is no other word.”


Eloquent funeral

How to determine what hit the headquarters? This is when colonels and signalmen are buried. On August 8, another colonel was buried, 38-year-old Kanat Khalimaddenovich Mukatov (again, already the 5th regiment!) And 36-year-old Senior Lieutenant Pivnev.

pivnev – nothing at all, just wondering why at that age there are still only starleys. But Mukatov is the deputy commander of the 20th division, participation in various wars, valor, a bunch of orders, medals, experience, etc.

The corpses were brought only now, but for the past month, the local press has been writing an obituary for the next officer of the division in a very dosed manner. It would be logical to write one piece of news about the end of the headquarters, but no. They bury them separately with a poker face, like nothing happened.

The hunt was a success

So, what we have at the moment. As a result of the strike on the headquarters of the 20th division, the following were precisely destroyed:

  • 5 colonels (commander, chief of staff, political instructor, chief of artillery, deputy commander);
  • captain (operational duty officer);
  • 2 starley (assistant chief of staff for artillery + someone else);
  • signal sergeant;
  • someone else from the battalion connection (this is the vanka, for whose payments a single mother and a father who never saw him quarreled).

And we haven’t started yet! /p>

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