Android 12 will solve the problem of large smartphones

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Android 12 will solve the problem of large smartphones

The new version of Android will be able to control smartphones with one hand. This is reported by the 9to5Google edition.

Journalists of the publication studied the source's report on Android 12 and found in it a mention of a special mode for large-screen phones. An insider reports that when activated, the display's workspace shrinks and shrinks so that all interface elements are accessible for pressing with the thumb of one hand.

To activate the corresponding mode, the user will have to make a certain gesture: for example, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom. A similar feature in Android 12 should solve the problem of smartphones with large screens that are difficult to operate with one hand.

The message says that the user will be able to customize the operation of the mode for himself: for example, make the new function active when certain applications are launched, and also set the time of its operation. When typing, for example, the working area of the screen will expand to fill the entire display space.

The journalists clarified that many manufacturers of Android smartphones are trying to optimize the interface in their devices so that the phone can be operated with one hand. For example, the interface elements in Samsung's One UI are built in such a way that they can be reached with the thumb of one hand.

According to rumors, the new version of Android will be codenamed Snow Cone. The beta version of the operating system from Google will be available to developers until the end of February, the release of Android 12 should take place in the middle of the year.

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