Animal cruelty! Olympic trainer hit horse with fist


Animal cruelty! Olympic trainer hit horse with fist

Annika Schleu with the drawn horse Saint Boy.

The German Olympic athlete Annika Schleu and her trainer Kim Raisner caused a scandal. Now the world association is taking action.

Animal cruelty in Tokyo! The pictures from the modern pentathlon went around the world on Friday. Germany's starter Annika Schleu kept hitting her drawn horse Saint Boy hard with the crop. Because the animal refused to listen to her, she began to cry out of desperation and repeatedly used a whip and spurs.

Then her trainer Kim Raisner stepped in. Millions of TV viewers could clearly hear: “Hit it right! Hit it!” Which Schleu did too.

The background: Schleu was fighting for gold. Because the horse refused to take part in the course several times, she fell back to 31st place.

The outcry is great. The duo is accused of cruelty to animals on social media. The modern pentathlon has caused a tangible Olympic scandal. That is why the IOC and the world association have now drawn the first tough conclusions.

Raisner was banned from the Olympics. The world association officially announced this on Saturday. The reason: she hit the horse with her fist. Incidentally, this scene was also recorded unmistakably by the cameras.

The German association had already announced in advance of the decision that it had withdrawn Raisner before the men's competition on Sunday. You will not have an official function.

After the incident, a debate about the rules of the modern pentathlon broke out. Many are calling for a quick change. The athletes get their respective horse drawn, have only around 20 minutes to adjust to the animal and vice versa.

The competition consists of the following disciplines: pistol shooting, epee fencing, swimming, sprinting, cross-country running. Brit Kate French won gold in Tokyo ahead of Laura Asadauskaitė (Lithuania) and Sarolta Kovács (Hungary).

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