Animal cruelty shitstorm: rider deletes her profile


Animal cruelty shitstorm: rider deletes her profile

Annika Schleu with the horse Saint Boy.

Annika Schleu is confronted with the allegation of cruelty to animals. She is now deleting her profile on Instagram.

Shitstorm! Annika Schleu fought for Olympic gold in the modern pentathlon on Friday. The horse drawn to her, Saint Boy, did not play along.

The animal refused to show jumping several times and thus broke the Germans' dreams. She desperately tried to control the horse, striking hard with the crop. Your trainer Kim Raisner interfered, shouted: “Hit it right!” She did that herself, with her fist. For this, the trainer has now been banned from the world federation for the men's competition on Saturday.

The 31-year-old Schleu not only lost her desired medal. She is now hostile to innumerable animal friends from all over the world. She is confronted with allegations of cruelty to animals, especially on social media.

Now she has responded. Schleu has deleted her Instagram account. The shitstorm was apparently too much for her.

The Athletes Germany Association defends Schleu: “The hostility and the partly open hatred that she has encountered in the social networks since yesterday's equestrian competition is unacceptable and must be strongly condemned.”

Schleu after the competition at “Eurosport”: “I gave everything. Unfortunately, I have already read online that nasty messages were sent in my direction. I think I can handle the horse well.”

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