Animal welfare organization reports after Olympic riding dramas


Animal welfare organization reports after Olympic riding dramas

Pentathlete Annika Schleu in Tokyo / Image: imago images / ITAR-TASS

After dramatic incidents during the riding competitions at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Swiss-based animal welfare organization “IG Wild beim Wild” filed a complaint against the International Olympic Committee and the World Equestrian Federation. The IOC and the FEI are accused of violating animal welfare laws, according to a statement on Tuesday.

The reason for the criminal complaint brought to the Lausanne public prosecutor's office are incidents in the three Olympic FEI disciplines in which the responsible persons of the IOC and the FEI did not intervene in time, as well as in the modern pentathlon show jumping. Its world association (UIPM) was not reported, however.

The animal welfare organization cites the following evidence: In eventing, the gelding of Swiss Robin Godel had to be put to sleep after a fall in the cross-country test due to a ligament injury, the show jumping horse of Irishman Cian O'Conner was bleeding from the nostrils and the roll cure, in which the neck of the Horse is overstretched, was practiced despite the prohibition. In the modern pentathlon, the “cruelty to animals at the expense of the horse Saint Boy” in show jumping should have been prevented by the German Annika Schleu and her trainer.

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