Announcement of general mobilization will be a blow to the Putin regime, – intelligence


The announcement of a general mobilization will be a blow to the Putin regime, – intelligence

Russia may announce general mobilization. The command of the occupiers has been discussing this since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, speaks about this. Vіn zaznav, scho after the arrival of the Russian Army Pіvdnya the Kremlin is looking for different ways to replenish manpower.

“We formed the so-called volunteer battalions, battalions of reservists, attracted the same private military companies, then the formation of the third army corps began – the creation of new associations of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” Skibitsky said.

Recognize the war

According to the intelligence official, Russia also has Putin's decree to increase the armed forces to 137,000. This is necessary to continue the war in Ukraine.

The announcement of a general mobilization will be a significant blow to the Putin regime, because it will mean admitting that Russia has not been able to fulfill all the tasks set, and Putin’s so-called “special operation” has not achieved a result,” Skibitsky said.

He added that if the Kremlin announced mobilization, it would mean an official declaration of war on Ukraine. Russia also recognizes itself as an aggressor state.

It destabilizes the situation in Russia

Skibitsky noted that mobilization informational rhetoric has intensified in Russia. In particular, State Duma deputy Gennady Zyuganov is panicking that the Russian Army cannot cope. This is why mobilization is needed.

Again, they say that we will have a war not just with Ukraine, but with NATO and the United States, because they they are fighting on the side of Ukraine, – said the representative of the GUR. It is too early for this to require more resources. On top of that, a sweeping mobilization can destabilize the situation in Russia, because young people do not want to fight, as if they had named Skibitsky.

You can’t go to war for 50 years. To fight young people – 20 – 30 years,” Skybitsky added.

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