Another enemy drone landed over Kherson region


Another enemy drone landed over Kherson region

In the sky over the Kherson region on September 17, the air defense forces were eliminated by another Russian drone.

The drone was shot down around 18 :00. This was announced by the representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergei Bratchuk. Then the Odessa City Council also spread the information.

The forces and means of air defense of the air command “South” eliminated another Russian UAV of the operational-tactical level, – the message says.

Enemy losses in aviation

The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict considerable losses on the Russian occupiers. Destroyed thousands of units of enemy equipment, including aviation. For example, as of September 17, 251 planes, 216 helicopters and 911 drones were “minused”. By the way, 3 of them were in the last 24 hours.

Enemy losses in manpower amounted to 54,250 infidels.

How many Russian aviation deployed around Ukraine

Speaker of the Air Forces Yuri Ignat on September 18 reported that Russia had deployed about 800 aircraft near Ukraine.

We are talking about 430 Russian aircraft; as well as 340 helicopters. They stand at 40 military airfields. The enemy uses the airfields of the occupied Crimea and Belarus.

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