Another information terrorism: a fake mailing list allegedly on behalf of the SBU is being distributed on the network


Another information terrorism: fake mailing allegedly from the SBU is spreading online

Russians disperse fake mailing allegedly from the SBU/Channel 24 Collage

Russians keep trying to sow panic among Ukrainians. To do this, they actively use social networks, where they try to act on behalf of Ukrainian structures.

Russian invaders remain active not only on the line of confrontation, but also on the information front. The vile enemy is trying to use all possible methods of waging psychological warfare against Ukrainians.

New fake mailing list from Russian occupiers

The Center for Combating Disinformation reported that that the Russian occupiers began to distribute fake messages from the SBU on social networks. They say that in Ukraine “there are new rules, so all calls will be recorded, and all messengers will be monitored.”

This information is an invention of the Russians. They want to put psychological pressure on the civilian population and discredit the country's leadership.

Citizens are urged to be very vigilant and trust only official sources.

Russia's war with Ukraine: latest news

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  • Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet launched a full-fledged counteroffensive. He is convinced that if it starts, then hundreds of thousands of Russians will be captured.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to hit the Russians in Energodar very precisely. Enemy propagandists began to lie about the attack on the ZNPP.
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