Anti-migrant movement will be banned in France

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Anti-migrant movement will be banned in France

The right-wing political group Génération Identitaire, the identity movement, will be outlawed in France. This was reported by the newspaper L'Express.

On February 13, the authorities began a legal procedure that would lead to a ban on the movement, but the media drew attention to this a little later.

Identarians call themselves patriots and supporters of a collective national identity. They repeatedly opposed uncontrolled migration and even went to the border of the country, to the Pyrenees, trying to resist the flow of illegal migrants.

Identarists motivated this by a desire to help the police in the fight against the threat of terrorism, but they were repeatedly accused of inciting racial hatred and xenophobia. The group is likely to disband in 2021.

As noted by L'Express, they were previously supported by right-wing politicians, including the presidential candidate from the National Front party Marine Le Pen. The French authorities have put pressure on nationalist movements in the past, but these, as a rule, were smaller and more radical associations, such as “Blood and Honor” or “Combat 18”.

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