Anti-Russian sentiment flares up in Bulgaria

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Anti-Russian sentiment flares up in Bulgaria

Bulgarian analyst Petyo Blyskov believes that anti-Russian sentiments in the country are acquiring “the features of a hysterical disease.” The portal writes about this.

Activist Ivo Inzhev came up with a proposal to demolish a monument to the Soviet army, which was erected in the 50s of the last century, in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In his opinion, it was not the Soviet, but the Red Army that saved the republic from the Nazis, so the monument should be removed.

The “lizoblyuds” who worship the West are trying to offend Russia in this way, and worst of all, they are gathering people under their banners and the wave of anti-Russian savagery is accelerating more and more, “the Bulgarian analyst said.

Previously, Rambler reported that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded to Bulgaria's statement about the involvement of Russians in the explosions at arms depots in the republic. Opponents turn to the history of the First World War.

“This can lead to accusations of the murder of Archduke Ferdinand,” Lavrov said.

He also stressed that the Bulgarians decided to “outstrip the Czechs”, adding that the European Union must figure out why private entrepreneurs are involved in the ammunition depots.

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