Antibodies to coronavirus found in survivors of other diseases

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Antibodies to coronavirus found in survivors of other diseases

Antibodies to coronavirus can appear in citizens who have not been infected with the coronavirus, but have been infected with a related virus. This conclusion was reached by British scientists, according to the publication of the scientific journal Science.

They conducted an experiment involving 300 people and found that five percent of the subjects studied have antibodies, although they did not have COVID-19. It turned out that some people may have a share of previously borrowed immunity.

So, the antibodies of people who had a commonplace reacted to SARS-CoV-2. Moreover, their protective proteins were different from the antibodies of those who were infected with the coronavirus. However, the effectiveness of this immune defense against coronavirus has not been proven at this time.

The researchers analyzed blood samples collected from adults and children in the UK before the widespread spread of the coronavirus last December. They also examined samples taken from people who tested negative for coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic. After that, the results were compared with those who were later found to have COVID-19.

In September, a professor at the American Duke University Miguel Nicolelis put forward a version that people who have had dengue fever may be immune to the coronavirus. The scientist compared the spread of COVID-19 and the outbreak of fever by geography. It turned out that residents of places with lower rates of coronavirus infection and a slower increase in incidence have experienced intense dengue outbreaks.

As of November 8, there are more than 50.2 million people infected with coronavirus in the world, of which more than 1.25 million have died, and another 32.8 million have recovered. Most of the infected are registered in the USA, India, Brazil, France and Russia.

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