Any initiatives for peace in Ukraine should not freeze the conflict – Kuleba


Any peace initiatives in Ukraine should not freeze the conflict, – Kuleba

Kuleba said that Russia's war against Ukraine should not turn into a frozen conflict/Cabinet Press Service

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that no initiatives to achieve peace should turn the war into a frozen conflict. The diplomat stressed that Russia should return to its positions on February 23.

Dmitry Kuleba stressed that this is the only reservation regarding peacekeeping initiatives. The head of the Foreign Ministry also noted that it is necessary to have different solutions in accordance with all possible scenarios for the development of events. The minister stated this at a briefing in Warsaw.

Poland can promote its ideas in NATO

Kuleba noted the importance of the proposals for a peaceful settlement put forward by Poland, since it is a member of NATO. That is, she can promote these ideas in the Alliance.

We should have different solutions on the table for any scenario, so the initiatives coming from the Polish government are useful, because that Poland is a member of NATO and has the ability to promote certain initiatives within the Alliance. But we have only one reservation to any initiative that is now voiced by this or that country: these initiatives should not freeze the conflict,” Kuleba said.

In addition, the Foreign Minister stressed that Russia should temporarily withdraw from occupied settlements, which its troops entered after February 24 and return to their positions on February 23.

Kuleba also noted that he had a substantive conversation with Polish Deputy Prime Minister Yaroslav Kachinsky in Warsaw. The Foreign Minister stressed that there is a complete understanding of the situation between the parties and there are no contradictions.

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