Apple AirTag key fob hacked for the first time

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Apple AirTag key fob hacked for the first time

At its spring presentation, Apple presented AirTag key fobs and talked a lot about their safety. However, the devices were hacked. Fortunately, a security researcher did this, not an attacker.

The professional changed the NFC URL of the tag to switch it to Lost Mode. The researcher said he got access to the AirTag integrated circuit, which is used to control the device. The specialist could decide for himself what the tag should do. The video below shows the differences between a hacked key fob and a standard one. While the original AirTag opens the Find My website, the modified label suggests opening a third-party URL. This can be used by attackers for phishing purposes.

Apple should now implement a server-side locking mechanism to prevent the modified AirTag from accessing Find My.

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