Apple Confirms Android App Development For Its AirTags

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Apple Confirms Android App Development For Its AirTags

Cupertinians have released an update for the recently released AirTag. Now it is more difficult for attackers to spy on another person using a device.

However, the company also announced that it is currently developing an Android app for its tags. With its help, people will also be able to understand that someone secretly planted an AirTag on them.

The release of the software is expected by the end of 2021, CNET reports.

Note that a fresh update will reduce the time before the start of the “alarm” in case the tag is located away from the owner. If earlier this happened three days after the “break”, now it will happen in the interval from 8 to 24 hours. The signal time will be random.

Interestingly, the update is required to be installed – it will be downloaded to AirTag the first time it is connected to the iPhone.

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