Apple has disabled one of the functions in smartphones from Russians

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Apple has disabled one of the functions in smartphones from Russians

According to preliminary data, the American corporation Apple has disabled the iCloud Private Relay function in Russia on all devices, reports TJ.

This system allows you to hide the IP address from everyone, including the mobile operator and Apple itself. According to the company, one of the main tasks of the mechanism is to protect against advertising tracking.

The problem became known from Russian smartphone owners. As the test showed, the “private node” turns off after a while and sends a notification that it is not available in Russia. Among the reasons are “current local legal restrictions”.

ICloud Private Relay also stopped working in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China, Egypt, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, the Philippines and South Africa.

As reported, Apple showed the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models, and the other day the company's shares fell in price by 1.4%. Experts believe that this is due to expectations from Apple's product presentation – securities predictably rise in price before it and fall after it.

Also, the fall is explained by the recent court, according to which Apple cannot impose its payment solutions on developers.

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