Apple has learned to save money on the iPhone

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Apple has learned to save money on the iPhone

Apple has changed the way it purchases smartphone components from suppliers. This is reported by The Elec.

The corporation, through partners, purchased special equipment from the South Korean company Hyvision System to check the quality of cameras. The new system will check if the lenses of wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as optical gear, are correctly aligned. The report says that defective optics can directly affect the quality of smartphones.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Apple previously purchased camera modules from partners LG InnoTek, Sharp and O'Film. Firms supplied pre-assembled and complete lenses. Now the American corporation will purchase them separately and check the quality of each component. According to experts, with the transition to a new, more profitable delivery format, the company actually learned to save money on assembling cameras for smartphones.

The quality control of the equipment will be handled by Foxconn, a long-time Apple partner and one of the main iPhone assemblers. The estimated amount the company will save on manufacturing each phone has not been disclosed.

In April, Apple announced that it had saved nearly 900,000 tonnes of metal by eliminating the free charger included with the iPhone. Also, thanks to a new approach, Tim Cook's company reduced the amount of recycled waste by 39 thousand tons.

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