Apple introduced a desktop computer with a proprietary processor

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Apple introduced a desktop computer with a proprietary processor

Today at the presentation, Apple announced that it continues to expand its line of devices with a proprietary M1 processor. The new iMac desktop computer has been added to it. He received a striking design.

The redesigned iMac has a slimmer body and narrower bezels on its 24-inch screen. The display resolution is 4.5K.

At the presentation, Apple paid a lot of attention to the monoblock camera. The image from it is processed by the processor, so the picture during video communication will look better than before. The camera resolution, by the way, is 1080p – twice as high as it was. Microphones have also been taken to the studio level.

In terms of performance, Apple is promising an 85% performance boost in apps like Xcode over the previous iMac. You can also run iPhone and iPad apps on your computer.

The iMac has 4 USB-C ports, including two Thunderbolt ports. The computer supports 4K displays.

The new keyboards (which, by the way, match the color of the all-in-one) for the iMac include a button with Touch ID for authentication.

Prices for the new iMac start at $ 1299.

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