Apple may launch foldable iphone in 2023

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Apple is considering launching an 8-inch iPhone with a foldable screen in 2023, CNBC reports citing TFI Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo. He is considered one of the most respected experts on Apple's production plans. According to Mr. Kuo, Apple may produce 15-20 million foldable models in 2023, the forecast is based on market analysis.

According to the analyst, the new iPhone could get an 8-inch foldable OLED display with QHD + resolution. CNBC notes that as a result, the screen of the new iPhone can be expanded to a tablet size similar in format to the current iPad mini (7.9-inch diagonal). According to Min-Chi Kuo, Apple's new development could blur the segmentation between smartphones, tablets and laptops, which will ultimately change the market.

To date, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have all announced models with foldable screens, but the price can still be high enough for most consumers, CNBC notes. Apple's new product could make the foldable model a must-have for most major smartphone manufacturers.

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