Apple predicted defeat in dispute with Epic Games

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Apple predicted defeat in dispute with Epic Games

A litigation is currently underway between Apple and Epic Games. Last year, the second company sued the first after Fortnite was removed from the App Store. Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a personal statement in court. And according to the media, the company's chances of winning have significantly decreased.

A California District Judge asked Cook why Apple is not allowing users to buy virtual goods directly from developers. Currently, such purchases are only possible through the App Store. To this, the head of Apple said that consumers have a choice – they can buy cheaper smartphones on Android. This answer did not satisfy the judge. She asked what “Apple's problem” is if users want to be able to pay less outside of the App Store.

Cook explained that if Apple allowed developers to post links to other payment systems in applications, the company would, in fact, give up the total profit from its intellectual property. The Apple chief also said that if the court complied with Epic Games' demands, it would be a “horror” for iPhone users, as problems with fraud would increase.

Journalists assessed the situation at the trial not in favor of Cook. The next meeting is to take place on May 24th.

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