Apple Removes Online Store Fake Review Checker App

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Apple Removes Online Store Fake Review Checker App

The largest online store Amazon demanded that Apple remove the Fakespot program from the app store, which detects fake product reviews.

Fakespot can no longer be downloaded from the App Store. Amazon was concerned about this app because it allegedly contained “misleading information” and posed potential security vulnerabilities. At first, Amazon tried to contact the developers of Fakespot, but they did not follow the lead of the Internet giant.

But Apple has met the company's requirements. Amazon then thanked the Cupertinos and noted that the app was hurting the sellers' business.

The Fakespot team eventually admitted that they did collect some user data, but did not share it with anyone. The developers do not consider themselves to be guilty.

Apple did not reveal the true reason for the removal of Fakespot.

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